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Cloud Testing - The Next Level Of Digital Transformation

July 08, 2020


Cloud testing - The next level of Digital transformation

Organizations these days are realizing the importance of today’s dynamic marketplace and hence adopting digital transformation to stay ahead of the game. Born-on-the-web businesses are able to disrupt very quickly and adapt according to the dynamic industry changes. The key is for every business to be able to get there. And this is where cloud testing applications comes into the picture. Being a kind of software testing which leverages cloud computing, it creates real world traffic and is much more reliable and efficient when it comes to data access and hence can play a key role in driving your organization’s digital transformation initiatives. Reading through this blog will help you get a fair idea on how cloud testing can help you accelerate your company’s digital transformation efforts with quality testing and QA strategies. 

Key reasons would include the following:

Access to apps and devices anywhere anytime 

Since there is an uninterrupted internet connection, you can get access to your resources from anywhere at any time. Best part is that you can make updates and changes in real-time. So you don’t have to make huge investment in hardware giving your team the flexibility to focus more on development and testing activities. 

One of the best values which cloud brings to the table is limitless accessibility to resources. This helps enterprises to develop  and test scalable applications using the right software technologies

Cost effective solutions 

Organizations are looking for successful cost optimization methods for increased business performance and ROI. Similarly, QA is looking for cost-effective mode of operations that ensure efficient testing practises. One critical focus area here would be testing tool licensing and infrastructure costs. Cloud testing helps in saving these costs by enabling teams to access the testing tools from anywhere and make necessary updates and changes without any large investments in tools. This in turn helps in resource optimization by reducing computing power as well.

Promotes team collaboration

The cloud based testing helps organizations to implement DevOps in a better manner and hence increases the collaboration between testers and developers. Leveraging tools such as Heroku and Docker, testers can use testing environments with various configurations and automate testing processes efficiently. 

Continuous Integration and Development Support

Agile and DevOps methodology are being adopted by several organizations these days to make sure continuous development is followed by continuous testing and integration. Cloud testing supports Agile methodology and gives a platform which helps in hosting test management solutions in the cloud and hence helps team to have better collaboration and stay on the same page. 

Cloud testing thus helps in continuous integration by making sure recently created fragments are deployed in a faster way and teams stay on schedule to deliver on time.