In the software industry, the efficiency of a business is measured by the quality of its code and the working of the software. If your program is riddled with bugs, it will create a bad user experience for the stakeholders and it can be detrimental to your brand image. At the same time, employing a dedicated team of QA professionals can prove to be a burden on your finances. At SE-Mentor, we focus on providing specialized QA consulting services that ensure that you will be able to release high-quality code without sacrificing operational or cost efficiencies.

Test Consulting

Test consulting is a strategic move that involves a multi-step quality improvement process. Our expertise will ensure that you have a full-fledged testing strategy put into place that traverses the length of SDLC. We will also help integrate the testing process into the development cycle. Comprehensive coverage of your current testing strategy will also be conducted to identify loopholes and areas of improvement.
SE-Mentor offers Test Consulting services across multiple industries and sub-domains. Sectors we have served include eCommerce, B2B, retail, BFSI, Manufacturing, and healthcare among many others.
  • The many benefits that will accrue to your business from our test consulting services:
  • Streamlined QA process
  • Optimized testing infrastructure
  • Accelerated software releases
  • Enhanced collaboration between development and testing teams
  • Maximized code quality

Test Process Improvement (TPI)

Your current QA testing strategy might be ensuring code quality. With TPI, you can identify areas of improvement across your SDLC where the testing process can be improved to accelerate releases and to ensure code integrity. You can also evaluate your organization’s testing maturity against industry benchmarks and identify areas where best practices have to be implemented. The end result would be a streamlined testing process that will reduce the defects in code and ensure quicker software releases.
  • Test Process Improvement will help you:
  • Plan the end-to-end QA process
  • Identify improvements in QA process
  • Elevate the quality of test processes
  • Compare processes with industry benchmarks
  • Measure results and efficiencies

QA compliances and best practices

If you want to instil confidence in customers, your QA process should evidently comply with industry standards and best practices. Quality Assurance is the right stage in the SDLC where lapses can be identified and remedial actions can be implemented to ensure compliance with the standards. SE-Mentor is equipped with QA professionals who can take a deep dive into your QA processes and suggest areas where compliances are missing and need to be fixed. We can also implement a stringent QA process that is based on best practices that successful enterprises of the world live by.
  • Our offerings:
  • Test methodology
  • Test process management
  • Defining the QA team structure
  • QA efficiency metrics
  • Knowledge management

Testing Audits

An audit is a detailed review of an existing process. Testing audits review your current QA process, the loopholes it might have, the mandatory improvements that are required to comply with industry mandates, and so on. At SE-Mentor, we are committed to helping our clients elevate their QA testing efficacy. We offer testing audits that give an independent opinion on the current process and the improvements required to perfect them. SE-Mentor Testing Audit services will give the management the assurance that the testing process is less prone to risks and complies with industry benchmarks. We can also help you as an external agency that could vet the quality of a product before acquisition or integration with your existing software.
  • Our offerings:
  • Reviewing the testing process
  • Suggesting compliance requirements
  • Creating a process for transparent testing
  • Fixing accountability for defect rectification
  • Improving the overall QA strategy

Product Certification

How sure are you that the development team has built a glitch-free product? Is it launch-ready or does it need further refinements? Our Product Certification services will help you answer those questions. As part of comprehensive QA consulting services, we offer product certification services that can check and establish the veracity of your software product that is slated for release. We can ensure that the software is built according to specified product scope, is free of any functional defects and meets all quality standards. Irrespective of the industry or sector you operate in, we can provide a team of QA professionals who can independently vouch for the quality of your product. SE-Mentor can also offer an independent audit of your product development process and expedite the product certification.
  • Our offerings:
  • QA strategy for product certification
  • Test planning & monitoring
  • QA process implementation
  • Bug reporting
  • Defect management
  • Test reporting and certification