Experience IT agility with DevOps

DevOps brings together the collaborative power of Development, Operations, and testing teams. It tears down the silos that otherwise restrict software development and IT operational efficiency. At SE-Mentor, we practice DevOps as a culture, not just an approach to develop software. We provide you with a rare combination of people, technology, and processes that are heavily grounded on the principles of DevOps practice. Our DevOps(Methdologies) will ensure that your business is able to race ahead and hold its ground in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Our DevOps expertise will offer you benefits like:Business benefits of leveraging our DevOps services.
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Transparent operations
  • Compact teams
  • Cost-savings


  • Azure DevOps
  • IBM
  • Open Source


  • Adoption & Implementation

    DevOps adoption and implementation require long-term planning and deep consideration of organizational goals. We provide end-to-end adoption & implementation services that will ensure that your organization can ramp up into the DevOps and start reaping its benefits quickly

  • Continuous Delivery & Deployment

    Rapid releases while maintaining high-quality output — this is the DevOps promise that we are putting across for you. We will introduce for your organization an custom framework that leverages the best of CI/CD tools that will help you accelerate development cycles while improving quality

  • Release Management

    DevOps accelerates the pace at which releases happen. If not managed properly, it can clog your pipeline and bring your system to a standstill. Our superior planning, scheduling, and process control will ensure that your releases happen in a steadfast manner without any bottlenecks.


Faster time to market

  • CI/CD ensures that your software development cycle is at least 10x faster than traditional software development. With our DevOps services, you will be marching faster than your competitors.

Enhanced productivity

  • Unpredicted downtimes and unplanned work are the biggest predators of productivity. DevOps ensures that your IT operations happen with clockwork precision resulting in an at least 22% uplift in productivity.

Transparent operations

  • DevOps tears down the silos between development, testing, and operational teams. It creates an air of transparency that heightens collaboration and improves productivity.

Compact teams

  • When every single person in the team has a predefined role, functions, and goals to chase, there is a better utilization of resources. Rest assured, you can build and release software with a compact and high-performing team.

Rapid releases

  • From coding to testing and operations, DevOps bridges the gap between teams in a seamless manner. It removes any friction and eliminates the need for rework and redundancies. The end result of which is rapid releases of software.


  • Bugs that creep into production will require rework which in turn inflates the number of hours and resources that your developers have to put in. The DevOps framework improves the code quality and release process throughout the SDLC. This results in drastic reduction in costs that would otherwise be spent on rework.