Reinvent your Test strategy

Testing Process Automation

SE-Mentor’s Testing Process Automation services enable organizations to verify whether their enterprise applications reliably meet business goals within the constraints of today’s testing cycles, by leveraging the accuracy,consistency and timesaving benefits of our powerful automated testing technology.

By helping to automate all possible stages in testing, SE-Mentor’s solutions create new efficiencies that reduce error-prone manual efforts, accelerate the testing cycle and promote software quality.

By automating regression tests and other repetitive tasks, we bring ultimate freedom to the client organization’s QA personnel who can then optimize and prioritize test cases and avoid exhaustive test execution. This, in turn, expands their test coverage and total quality efforts.

Automation Services include

  • Determining what applications need to be automated
  • Helping choose your automated testing approach
    • Test Modularity
    • Test Library Architecture
    • Keyword-driven Testing
    • Data-driven Testing
    • Record/Playback Testing
  • Developing your application test plan
  • Creating and deploying your automated tests

Your Benefits

Benefits from se-mentor test automation services

Maximum productivity

Automated solution that enables clients to build modular and reusable test assets.

High adaptability to cope with ever-changing business requirements

Inherent reusability and ease-of-maintenance; portability and extensibility to embrace different technologies.

Broad technology support

For today’s enterprise applications that support diverse users across platforms, environments and technologies.

Quality optimization throughout the application lifecycle

Functional testing, unit testing, performance and load testing, test management and application performance management