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Advance to the next level as streamlined processes translate into business goals.

SE-Mentor provides your enterprise seamless business transformation by collaborating your software development and IT operations through DevOps. At SE-Mentor, we provide people, processes, and a wealth of experience to sustain your IT operations and software Development through evolving needs of today's complex software business industry. With cutting-edge processes and implementations, our breakthrough DevOps solutions steer your organization towards reaching its true value potential.

Service Offerings

We offer services in the following areas

  • Microsoft
  • Open Source
  • IBM

Our service portfolio


We offer high end corporate training in specific DevOps tools and methodologies. This includes standard classroom sessions for corporates, focused on real-time implementation of the latest DevOps tools and methodologies in the industry.


For quick implementation of DevOps for corporates. QuickStart specifically focuses on leveraging DevOps for corporates who are ready for the DevOps transformation. Quickstart seamlessly on-boards corporates into the new DevOps stream with minimum risk.


Long-term implementation service for corporates already using DevOps. We offer step-by-step automation and continuous deployment of DevOps for long-term projects, to enhance the production process and enable smooth delivery. Our deployment model helps organizations achieve increased throughput and faster time to market through an innovative and collaborative framework.


Our premium tools integration services enable end-to-end integration of tools to build a complete DevOps tool chain. Powered by an absolute continuous integration model and out-of-the-box plugins, our best-in-class integration services break barriers, reduce cycle times and promote cross-functioning, smooth automation and continuous process workflow. 


We offer cutting edge tool enhancements/customization solutions using high-end plugins developed by in-house DevOps experts. Our easy-to-deploy customization solutions efficiently enhance DevOps tools, enabling organizations to maintain their DevOps platforms up-to-date to meet technology changes and industry trends.

Managed Services

Our "DevOps as a managed service" offering provides organizations the tools and infrastructure required to implement and run their DevOps platforms. Though our solely managed services, we take on the responsibility for providing a strong and reliable backbone for an organization to adopt the DevOps model, to attain its true potential.